Vision 2 Validation

Game Changing Prediction

Breakthrough V2V

The venture conception process has to deliver on a breakthrough vision and enough validation for the venture concept to merit investors’ stepping to the plate with funding for development. Both Venture Way and Visionary Way businesses have to meet these two challenges.

A Common Language to Unite Everyone for Acceleration and Accuracy

Our Lab offers business, technology and marketing experts a way to work fast, smart and collaboratively. Our frameworks integrate silos, so everyone’s vital contribution is synthesized for breakthrough innovation. Optimization and incrementalism – the enemies of high growth venture creation – are neutralized through our frameworks and the processes used in our Lab.

New Tools for “Assumption” Making

Assumptions are only as reliable as the theories driving them. Now, powerful technology inventive problem solving principles are integrated into our algorithms and frameworks. Now technology innovation best practices merges with next generation venture best practices. All validation processes, experts and prioritized work schedule are called out, plus the deep level invention contradiction and resolution assumptions – each element has its own validation procedure and domain experts right for the task.

New Tools for Assessment – Our Company’s New Venture Assessor

Our New Venture Assessor application is useful at any stage or step of venture conception. Our assessment system increases the acceleration and accuracy of venture conception design and decision making by a factor of 5-10x over conventional due diligence tools/methods. For a complete report detailing the Silicon Valley and University of Texas Business School and IC2 Institute validation testing see the full report.

New Tools for Proof-of-Concept Funding

Sophisticated investors only fund during the venture concept stage under two circumstances. First, when a venture’s vision is powerful, and secondly when enough steps of validating marketplace, products (technology), production system (business model) and go-to-market strategy assumptions are prescient enough to justify their risk of investing so early. Working in our lab can generate in just a few days the right Executive Summary, Assumption Descriptions and Validation Method Plans for proof-of-concept work.

Follow Up

After intensive conception work, teams’ key ideas and decisions may change (history of high performance creativity proves this). We have customized processes and access to domain experts for follow-up collaborative-based design/problem solving.

“Qualcomm hired PredictionWorks to provide training, coaching, and guidance to our internal early stage ventures…. PredictionWorks’ frameworks became invaluable tools for our intra-preneurs for positioning their new ventures and maximizing their chances for moving on for seed funding.”

Ricardo Dos Santos

Senior Director of New Business Development Qualcomm

“There is no single right answer or path forward, but there is one right way to frame the problem.”

Clayton Christiansen

Harvard Professor, Forbes’ Best Strategists in last 50 years




We are a technology and investment firm that increases above industry standards the accuracy (9.5x) and acceleration (30x) of venture conception by using a proven scientific-based proprietary predictive analytic system.

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