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Our firm has licensed-in from the M.G. Taylor Corporation a body of knowledge, processes, and tools called Group Genius. We became one of the first licensees and, the only venture firm to do so. Another early licensee was Ernst and Young Consulting. When Ernst and Young sold off its consulting practice, its successor, Capgemini, utilized Group Genius to power its Accelerated Solutions Environment (“ASE”) practice. Capgemini reports that 50% of the Fortune 100 are clients of Capgemini’s ASE. Capgemini has, at any given time, 20 ASE centers operating around the world.


Shared Language For Speed and Accuracy

Our frameworks are embedded in each of the 7 steps of the new venture conception process. The figure below illustrates these 7 steps.

When our partners or clients collaborate with us at these steps, we do so on the basis of sharing the same ontology and taxonomy. Doing so enables the processes and sub-processes of the 7 steps to accelerate. No one talks past each other with “models” in their heads that only they know.


Horse and Jockey

It is common knowledge in venture circles that the management team (the “jockey”) is more important to venture success than the market/product (the “horse”). Notwithstanding what may be the most significant discovery from PredictionWorks’ progress to date is the unfoldment that the “horse” is equally and even more important. This is a heretical view, but our 18 for 19 success record in our Silicon Valley and Austin tests were venture assessments with only the “horse to look at.” Notwithstanding these discoveries, PredictionWorks’ mindset is that both “jockey” and “horse” are equally important.

Jockey Architecture

Venture invention can come by accident, but venture innovation (inventions that make money) is not an accident. It is created on purpose by individuals, their institutions, and their institution’s network of alliance partners and vendors. This cast of players (the jockeys) can be examined for their potential and roles in the venture innovation process. These descriptions are called architecture. Jockey architecture becomes helpful in our Company’s processes and systems as they first unfold in their complexity. Next, our frameworks and processes wring simplicity out of complexity. Jockeys and their production systems are complex, so useful architecture can help with these important assets and how they align. To find out about this architecture, download the white paper titled “Horse and Jockey.”

The Modern Collaboratory

“At Intel, I participated and had access to the finest tools in the world. I spent 4 days with PredictionWorks-its training, assessment, and design. PredictionWorks’ processes and tools are every bit as good as anything I’ve experienced to date—our team had some remarkable breakthroughs and our investors ratcheted-up their investments.”

Tinku Acharya

Form Intel World-Wide Inventor of the Year – Twice

“PredictionWorks has a body of knowledge and perspective on post-modern venture capital practices that should go far to meet the complex needs of 21st Century venture capitalism.”

Fred Hoar

Co-Founder Slicon Valley Band of Angels

“In just two days the 15 companies that were part of our PredictionWorks Group Genius™ work had breakthrough strategies, amazing alignment and a solid working plan for the next six months.”

Peter Melloni

Managing Director, Houlihan, Smith & Co. Inc., Investment Bankers & Due Diligence Advisors

White Papers

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Breakthrough Project Management

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Horse & Jockey

Horse & Jockey




We are a technology and investment firm that increases above industry standards the accuracy (5x) and acceleration (50x) of venture conception by using a proven scientific-based proprietary predictive analytic system.

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