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Chip Adams

Chip Adams

Chief Operations Officer

Chip Adams is a futurist, business developer and co-founder of Business Builders, the predecessor to PredictionWorks. Formerly, Chip was founder and Chairman of Dallas based Lynx Capital Corporation. Lynx, during the 1980s, was a commercial real estate development and management company specializing in private-pay resort-style nursing home and assisted living communities. In the 1990s, Chip became CEO of ProHealth, a company that was an eventual Lynx subsidiary, and which among other things pioneered the development and marketing of a software and template system that enabled and improved more accurate hospital reimbursements for emergency room physician-patient encounters by eliminating subjectivity through creating a rules engine for automating the coding process.

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“Although having good instincts and years of experience can help, this framework is the type of analytic tool that every angel, venture capital and early stage investor should utilize. Core strategy will help every investor decrease their risks and maximizes their potential for great returns.”

Randy Berholtz, JD

Former Chief Operating Officer, Inglewood Ventures and Adjunct Professor Rady School of Business at University of California, San Diego




We are a technology and investment firm that increases above industry standards the accuracy (9.5x) and acceleration (30x) of venture conception by using a proven scientific-based proprietary predictive analytic system.

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