Transformation in Silicon Valley

10 for 10 Predictive Results

(never imagined)

In 2009, the Company was introduced to the Silicon Valley law firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati (WSGR). WSGR proposed that the Company’s New Venture Assessor be double-blind back-dated tested. WSGR wanted to know if the Company’s claims of predictability and reliability were valid and if so, how valid. In conjunction with the international consulting firm, Hitachi Consulting, WSGR conducted and monitored 10 separate double-blind back-dated tests using 10 fully funded start-up business plans. The protocol and details of the tests are included in the Test Results and Full Report.

Achieving these unprecedented predictive accomplishments was the result of a strong vision during a decade of research, development and testing. See “What we have Developed.” Our final algorithms and formulas finally promise an end to the dismal hit rate of venture-backed start-ups.

“At every crossway on the road that leads to the future, each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men assigned to guard the past.”

Maurice Maeterlinck

Nobel Prize Winner




We are a technology and investment firm that increases above industry standards the accuracy (9.5x) and acceleration (30x) of venture conception by using a proven scientific-based proprietary predictive analytic system.

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